Baltimore marathon road closures

What is the route of the Baltimore Marathon?

The fair yet challenging course travels through the many diverse neighborhoods including the scenic Inner Harbor waterfront area, historic Federal Hill and charming Fells Point.

What day is the Baltimore Marathon?

Mark your calendar – Saturday , October 9 – the 20th Anniversary Baltimore Running Festival. We hope you look forward to this day with a sense of pride, as the Baltimore community will once again be on display for runners from around the country and the world to see.

What time does the Baltimore half marathon start?


How long is the Baltimore Running Festival?

From the starting line for the 13.1-mile half marathon near the corner of Conway and Light Streets, runners follow what is roughly a counter-clockwise out-and-back loop course through the city, which takes them first from the waterfront along Baltimore’s Inner Harbor area through downtown neighborhoods toward Patterson

Is the Baltimore Marathon a Boston qualifier?

Marathon Rankings This gives the Baltimore Marathon the 358th highest percentage of Boston Marathon qualifiers in the U.S. last year and the 368th highest percentage in 2018. Its Course Score of 97.72 ranks it as the 332nd fastest marathon course in the U.S. and the 7th fastest course in Maryland.

Who won Baltimore Marathon 2019?

Jeremy Ardanuy

What time does the Baltimore Running Festival start?

The Half starts at 9:45 am at the Inner Harbor and parking is also free at the nearby stadium lots. I stayed downtown so can’t comment on how the traffic situation was. But it could be a issue with road closures due to the full marathon 8 am start time .

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Is the Baltimore Marathon Hilly?

I’ve run the Baltimore half three times before and the crowd support throughout the entire course is unlike any other race I’ve done — even in the neighborhoods where you would least expect it. The course is challenging, especially from mile 16-20, but I would much rather a hilly course than a flat course.

How long does it take to train for half marathon?

Most C25K programs take you from zero to 3 miles in eight weeks . After you reach 3 miles, give yourself at least 12 additional weeks to train for 13.1 miles. In total, this is 20 week of half marathon training. And yes, if you’re a beginner, you can start from nothing and work up to a half marathon in under six months.

Do you get a medal for a half marathon?

It depends on the event, of course, but yes, it’s pretty standard at half marathons (at least in North America) to give a finishers medal to everyone who completes the race. A lot of recreational runners enjoy collecting finishers medals as mementos of the races that they’ve run.