Fort worth cowtown marathon

Where does the Cowtown Marathon start?

SATURDAY, May 8th, 2021 All races Start and Finish at Will Rogers Memorial Center on Lancaster Ave. Timing and Scoring: The Cowtown uses the MyLaps timing system, supplied and administered by RunFar Timing.

How long is the Cowtown Ultra Marathon?


Who won the Cowtown Marathon?


Is Cowtown Marathon Hilly?

If you are looking for a great half marathon , this is one of the best races I have ever run. Cowtown is a course that provides you with a mostly flat course until Mile 9, as you have a challenging hill going into the downtown area.

Is it hard to go from 5k to 10k?

The average time it takes to transition from a 5k to a 10k is approximately 6-8 weeks, the time period will vary depending on your fitness levels and training consistency. Begin your training by having an 8-week workout plan and strive to steadily increase the distance every week.

What is Cowtown?

1 : a town or city that serves as a market center or shipping point for cattle. 2 : a usually small unsophisticated town within a cattle-raising area.