Good year marathon trailer tires

Does Goodyear still make marathon trailer tires?

The Goodyear Marathon Radial trailer tire has been around for a number of years now. As an ST, or “special trailer ” tire , it is built for use on fifth wheel trailers , travel trailers , boat trailers , horse trailers , car haulers and more.

Where are Goodyear Marathon trailer tires made?

the USA

What is the best tire for a trailer?

The 5 Top-Rated Trailer Tires

Editor’s Picks Brand Rating
Best Overall Maxxis M8008 Radial Trailer Tire 4.3
Runner Up Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Radial Tire 4.6
Best Budget Buy Tredit Rim & Tire Assembly 4.9
Best Boat Trailer Tires Wheels Express 15″ White Spoke 4.8

Are provider trailer tires any good?

Taskmaster has produced a decent trailer tire in the Provider ST Radial. While we still feel the Maxxis tire sits alone at the top of class, this tire is not far behind. Expect to find good traction and stability in addition to a better than average tread life.

Are Goodyear Marathon tires discontinued?

All goodyear tires (auto,truck,trailer) tires have a 5 year warranty from date of purchase , if a tire blows out and is not from impact or run soft any goodyear store can give a prorated adjustment based on tread wear (25%wear or less is free), all marathons were made in china and have been discontinued , now they are

Is there a recall on Goodyear tires?

Even though there is no recent recall on Goodyear Wrangler tires , there could be defective tires on the road. If you believe a defective Goodyear Wrangler tire caused your crash, you may have a case against the tire manufacturer, automaker, or other parties.

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Are Goodyear endurance tires any good?

Endurance Reviews These are simply the best trailer tires on the market. Great for boat trailers that need to be reliable for long trips down the road. Bought these tires to replace old boat trailer tires , with the assurance of a higher load rating and speed rating .

Are Goodyear endurance tires made in China?

The Goodyear Endurance is the new and improved trailer tire everyone is talking about. Being made here in the United States, Quality and overall dependability is redefined with the durability and internal structure of the Endurance .

What trailer tires are made in the USA?


Why do my trailer tires keep blowing out?

A lot of trailer tire blowouts are a result of heat build up that causes the tire to fail. There are several things that can cause too much heat to build up but the main two most likely suspects are overloading the trailer and/or under inflated tires . Light truck or passenger vehicle tires should not be used.

Do trailer tires need to be balanced?

Since the primary duty of a trailer tire is supporting a vertical load, rather than gripping an automobile through turns, trailer tires do not have to be dynamically balanced like passenger car tires do . Steering and cornering are less of a concern on a trailer tire than they are on an automotive tire .

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How long should trailer tires last?

about five years

Are radial tires better for trailers?

Radial tires , however, do perform better than bias tires , and that performance is quickly noticeable. The ride is smoother, the trailer does not bounce and sway as much, and radial tires have a longer life. The most important characteristic of any trailer tire is its ability to carry a heavy load.

What is the difference between D and R trailer tires?

The difference between the two trailer tire sizes is that the letter D in the first size you listed ST205/75D15 stands for bias ply and the letter R in the tire size that they put on your vehicle stands for radial. Radial tires are preferred over… view full answer

Where are Maxxis trailer tires made?

First reaction to Maxxis might be, “These tires are also made in Asia.” True, they are made in Thailand , but the company has a technical center and marketing department in the United States, and its business model is quite different.