Gwen jorgensen nyc marathon

Why did Gwen Jorgensen switch to marathon?

I want to go in confident and knowing that I have the ability to make a team. My goals in the marathon aren’t changing . My timeline is .” The 2016 Olympic triathlon champion made the decision a few weeks ago after discussing her training with coach Jerry Schumacher and husband Patrick Lemieux.

What is Gwen Jorgensen doing now?

Coming Back With a Fresh Focus The indoor track race will also be Jorgensen’s first step toward her adjusted goals for the 2020 Olympics. Instead of chasing a spot on the team at the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials, she has chosen to compete in the 10,000 meters on the track.

How old is Gwen Jorgensen?

34 года ()

How tall is Gwen Jorgensen?

5 футов 10 дюймов

What does Gwen Jorgensen eat?

I have a big lunch—rice, red meat, a bunch of vegetables and some sort of sauce, like curry or sometimes a red sauce. Dinner is usually a little bit lighter, like sweet potatoes or white potatoes with salad and some sort of meat.

How much does Gwen Jorgensen weight?

126 lbs

How do you qualify for an Olympic triathlon team?

Any athlete who competed as a member of Team USA in 2018 in triathlon (sprint, Olympic /standard, or long course distances) will automatically qualify . Qualification can not be met from participation more than one year prior. All-Americans from the 2018 USA Triathlon National Rankings automatically qualify .

Is the Olympics a triathlon?

A gruelling mix of stamina and speed, triathlon is one of the newer sports in the Olympic Games. The discipline combines swimming, cycling and running and has its modern roots in the United States in the 1970s. Its rapid growth as a mass participation event helped triathlon make its Games debut at Sydney 2000.