Laurence olivier marathon man

What did Laurence Olivier say to Dustin Hoffman?

Hoffman told him that he had filmed a scene in which his character was supposed to have been up for three days straight. “So what did you do?” Olivier asked. “Well, I stayed up for three days and three nights.” Laurence Olivier then uttered this famous line, “Why don’t you just try acting?”

Who played the dentist in Marathonman?

Laurence Olivier

What is the plot of Marathon Man?

Главный герой, студент-историк Томас Леви захвачен учебой, он любит бегать по утрам и скучает по своему старшему брату, который живет далеко и в совсем другом мире… Он еще не подозревает во что окажется втянут. Сможет ли он выдержать схватку с преследующим его опасным нацистским преступником?

Who wrote Marathon Man?

Уильям Голдман

Is it safe the marathon man?

Babe: Yes, it’s safe , it’s very safe , it’s so safe you wouldn’t believe it.

Why don’t you try acting my dear boy?

Dustin Hoffman has long been known as one of method acting’s most earnest exponents. “ My dear boy ,” replied Olivier smoothly, “ why don’t you just try acting ?” (Hoffman subsequently attributed his insomnia to excessive partying rather than artistry).

Are Movie Quotes safe?

This line is spoken by Dr. Christian Szell, played by Laurence Olivier, in the film Marathon Man, directed by John Schlesinger (1976). Marathon Man is the film that made everyone scared of going to the dentist… especially if your dentist is a secret Nazi war criminal.

Where was Marathonman filmed?

Although Marathon Man takes place in New York and most of the movie was filmed there, some scenes were actually shot in Los Angeles.

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Was Dustin Hoffman a runner?

Dustin Hoffman in Marathon Man: 6 out of 10. Hoffman may have worked hard on his running method, but the end product is as ragged as it is energetic.

Who is the black runner in Marathon Man?

Abebe Bikila

Personal information
Weight 57 kg (126 lb)
Sport Long-distance running
Event(s) Marathon , 10,000 m

What is a marathon man?

Marathon Man is a 1976 American suspense-thriller film directed by John Schlesinger. In the film, “Babe” Levy, a graduate student (Hoffman), becomes embroiled in a plot by Nazi war criminal Christian Szell (Olivier) to retrieve stolen diamonds from a safety deposit box owned by Szell’s dead brother.

Is Marathon Man on Netflix?

Watch Marathon Man on Netflix Today!

What age is Dustin Hoffman?

83 years (August 8, 1937)