Lord of the rings marathon

How long would a Lord of the Rings marathon take?

The Fellowship of the Ring: 3.4 hours . The Two Towers: 3.7 hours . The Return of the King: 4.1 hours . Total: 11.2 hours .

How long does it take to watch all of the Lord of the Rings?

Originally Answered: How long does it take to watch all of the Lord of the Rings? The total combined running time of the three Extended Edition movies is 686 minutes . That’s 11 hours 26 minutes.

How long does it take to watch all the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies?

The most epic 17-hour movie marathon of all time. (Over 20 hours with the extended editions.) But making it through countless hours of hobbits and magic and people screaming about rings is not for the faint of heart.

How long is a LOTR and Hobbit marathon?

The extended edition of An Unexpected Journey clocks in at 183 minutes long (13 minutes of additional footage) and the extended cut of The Desolation of Smaug is 186 minutes long (25 minutes of additional footage) so when the time comes to marathon the entire The Hobbit trilogy, we’ll be spending about 543 minutes in

Should I watch LOTR extended?

Definitely the extended editions. The first two movies benefit a lot from the added material, and while there are a few scenes that definitely could have been left out of the extended edition of The Return of the King, it’s still a much more rewarding cut of the film, overall.

How old is Gandalf?

Gandalf walked in Middle-earth for approximately 2,019 years , un-aging and appearing as a grey bearded human of about 60 years old or so. He was around long before Middle-earth was created and before the Years of the Lamps. He, Saruman and Sauron are approximately the same age – give or take.

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Is there a 4th Lord of the Rings?

So, the definite answer to the question is there a fourth Lord of the Rings movie is yes, there is, only it is not the fourth movie, but a prequel, and it starts new movie trilogy – The Hobbit.

Should I watch LOTR or The Hobbit first?

However, watching LOTR first before the Hobbit can take away the gravitas of certain scenes, like the Necromancer storyline and why it affects the major movers and shakers of Middle-earth, or even the source of Gollum’s madness as a result of his exposure to the Ring and why this effect took longer and was less

How much did Elijah Wood get paid for the Lord of the Rings trilogy?

Elijah Wood received only $250,000 for his appearance in all 3 films (!). Sounds like a lot of work for not that much money, at least according to Hollywood standards.

How long would it take to watch all the Star Wars movies?

25 hours and 7 minutes

How many hours is the hobbit?

“The Hobbit” films are a drag — they’re too long and too boring, which is what happens when you stretch a simple 320 -page book for kids into three engorged movies. All told, the movies take up 513 minutes (with extended scenes), some 8½ hours of CGI-watching and dwarf-counting.