Marathon county snowmobile trail map

Are the snowmobile trails open in Marathon County?

*Utility Terrain Vehiles (UTV’S): All Marathon County Snowmobile Trails are closed to UTV’s.

Can you ride side by sides on snowmobile trails?

Using an ATV or side -by- side on snowmobile trails without skis and rear tracks is prohibited in most states because wheels can gouge and rut trails , which makes the SnoCobra ski system a great option. Check with your state for trail fees or licensing before riding in your area.

Are Wi snowmobile trails open?

Trails are closed. All snowmobile and Winter ATV trails under the management of the Douglas County Forestry Department are officially closed.

Are snow bikes legal on snowmobile trails in Wisconsin?

The bikes that have a snow kit installed are not legal in WI . But, the new Arctic Cat will be trail legal . By definition, it is built for snow , making it legal . Unlike a bike with a snow kit, they are originally built for dirt.

Are tracked ATVs allowed on snowmobile trails?

A Tracked ATV can only operate on trails approved/open to winter ATV use. If they wish to operate on other snowmobile trails they can only do so with written landowner permission.

Is a snowmobile street legal?

All roads are not open for snowmobilers . Snowmobilers are allowed to ride within 10 feet of the paved roadway only when crossing a bridge or culvert or allowed by local ordinance. May legally ride in the road ditches of most roadways. Snowmobiles must have adequate mufflers and operating brake lights.

How much snow is needed for snowmobiling?

4″-6″ is the standard minimum snow conditions to ride a snowmobile . The main issues you are looking at in riding in less than that is not enough snow to lubricate your slides (a.k.a. hyfax) thus creating excessive wear on track and slides.

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Are Green County snowmobile trails open?

The trail is always closed to ATVs from 1:00 am – 5:00 am in any season. The trail is open to snowmobiles when there is at least 4 inches of snow. When the trail is open for snowmobiles , it is open 24 hours a day. 30 mph is the maximum speed on the trail .

Are Vilas County snowmobile trails open?

The state-funded Vilas County snowmobile trail system will open for the 2019-20 season at 8am on Friday, December 20. Learn more about snowmobiling in Vilas County here. See our latest snow reports here.

What is the fine for not having a trail pass in Wisconsin?


Can I ride my snowmobile in the ditch Wisconsin?

Ditch riding perfectly legal in WI . The exact rules are in the WI snowmobile handbook. Can ‘t find mine right now but pretty much stay 10 feet off pavement and at night you have to be going same direction as traffic. Only legal for sleds though not atvs in the summer.

Is there a weight limit for snowmobiles?

Available Snowmobiles . There is a weight limit of 500 pounds per snowmobile .