Triathlon definition

What does triathlon mean?

A triathlon is an endurance multisport race consisting of swimming, cycling, and running over various distances.

How many miles is a triathlon?

Olympic Triathlon Distance: Times & Training Olympic triathlon distances are a 0.93 -mile (1.5-kilometer) swim, 24.8-mile (40-kilometer) bike, and 6.2-mile (10-kilometer) run, exactly double the length of a sprint triathlon.

What does a triathlon consist of?

Triathlon is a multi-discipline sport consisting of swimming, cycling and running. Triathlon is a great sport to keep active, and by taking on the three elements of swimming, cycling and running you can keep training fun and varied too!

What’s the difference between an Ironman and a triathlon?

A triathlon is an event that consists of swimming, biking, and running, whereas an Ironman is a specific distance (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run).

Is a triathlon harder than a marathon?

Preparing for a triathlon involves more training time than getting ready for a marathon . The good news for marathoners, however, is that triathlon training is usually not quite as intense as competitive marathon training (assuming you’re trying to beat a previous record).

Are triathlons dangerous?

(Reuters Health) – Triathlon competitors may be more likely to die suddenly and suffer a fatal trauma or cardiac arrest than previously thought, U.S. data suggest. A study of more than 9 million participants over three decades found that deaths and cardiac arrests struck 1.74 out of every 100,000 competitors.

What is the hardest part of a triathlon?


What is a good triathlon time for a beginner?

Super sprint distance (400m swim/10km bike/2.5km run) The super sprint is the shortest triathlon and is an ideal entry point for beginners looking to compete in their first triathlon . Age-grouper times : if you’re looking for a good time in this format then aim for anything under an hour or around that mark.

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Why is a triathlon swim bike run?

The order of a traditional triathlon swim / bike / run is based on two things: safety issues and smooth transitions. All race organizers want to keep their participants safe. The idea behind swimming first is that the open water poses the greatest threat to an exhausted athlete.

What is special about a triathlon bike?

On a triathlon bike , the seat tube is steeper than a road bike . The angle of the seat tube on a triathlon bike forces the hips to sit forward which gives the rider less tension on their quadriceps and hamstrings.

How many miles do you run in a common triathlon?

6.2 miles

How long do you need to train for a triathlon?

12 weeks

Where is triathlon most popular?

10 Best Triathlons in the World IRONMAN 70.3 Hawaii (Kohala Coast, Hawaii) DATEV Challenge Roth (Roth, Germany) Wildflower Experience (Lake San Antonio, California) Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon (San Francisco, California) Laguna Phuket Triathlon (Phuket, Thailand) Triathlon Alpe D’Huez (Alpe D’Huez, France)

How many laps is 2.4 miles?

25 Yard pool (Short Course)

Miles Yards Laps
½ mile about 800 yards 16 Laps
1 mile (Olympic Distance) about 1700 yards 34 Laps
1.2 miles (Half Ironman Distance) about 2000 yards 40 Laps
2.4 miles (Ironman Distance) about 4000 yards 80 Laps

Can you wear headphones during Ironman?

Headphones : Headphones , headsets , walkmans, ipods, mp3 players, or personal audio devices, etc. are not to be carried or worn at any time during the race. 9. Race numbers: All athletes are required to wear race numbers at all times during the run.